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Laggan & Newtonmore

Laggan and Newtonmore are situated on the southern western border of the Cairngorms National Park, with Laggan along the A86 - the last village in the western side of the park - and Newtonmore located just off the A9 next to the River Spey.

Over the last few years this place became very well known thanks to the hit BBC serial “Monarch of the Glen”, which was filmed on location all around the area using some of stunning locations as open film sets. The programme was set on the shores of Loch Laggan and it’s easy to understand why anyone would want to set a novel here

The walks to be had here are fantastic and offer something for everyone. If you want a simple village stroll, take the Wildcat Trail around Newtonmore, which can be done as one whole walk or split into sections.

A particularly good walk is the Blackwood & Pictish Fort in Laggan, but it's a tester for sure. On the other hand, the Gorstean Crag Walk in Laggan is a fine, easy family one through a thick and open forest.

One of the easiest in the area is the Loch Imrich trail in Newtonmore, simply perfect for a 20 minute stroll.

Featured Walks at a Glance
Laggan area walks
3.4 miles
1 & 3 ⁄4 hours
5 miles
2 & 1/2 hours
1.2 miles
1 hour
1.9 miles
1 hour
1 miles
1 & 1/4 hours
1.7 miles
1 hour

Newtonmore area walks

3 miles (L)
1 mile
500 metres
20 minutes
6.2 miles
2 & 1/2 hours
Easy Moderate Challenging Good Family Walk  (L) Longest Trail (V) Various Grades


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